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Competence in the production of quality flanges

We are Europe's most experienced manufacturer of quality flanges for all purposes and produce according to DIN ISO 9001. Our TÜV certification (according to HP O and TRD 201 respectively, as well as AD datasheets W1, W2 and W9), Ö-Norm (M7812 Part 1), certification as a manufacturer of welded parts for railed vehicles (according to DIN 6700-2, register Nr. 04 702 6467), as well as those from other certification and standardisation bodies, fulfil or exceed safety standards and carry some of the responsibility for the safety of stationary or mobile units.

Despite our comprehensive quality control system from primary material procurement and throughout all production stages up to the final product, no flange is permitted to leave our factory until it is individually checked. By using our ultrasonic device, we are able to give our customers the ultimate assurance that there are no defects.

We are certified in accordance with DIN EN 9001:2008.
Competence in the production of quality flanges