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Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH
Einheitsstraße 12
57076 Siegen-Weidenau

Phone: +49 (0)271 -485333-0
Fax: +49 (0)271 - 485333-44

Gesellschafter / Directors: Oliver Breitenkamp, Kai Breitenkamp
Geschäftsführer / CEO: Oliver Breitenkamp

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VAT ID-N: DE295564597

Advice of liability

All information and explanations given in this web page are non-binding. Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH gives no warranty as to the completeness and accuracy of the contents. No guarantee is assumed and no assurance is given with respect to product properties. No right to claim arises from the contents of the web pages. Any error in the content which is reported will be corrected immediately. The content of web pages cannot be maintained permanently valid because of the delays which occur in updating, therefore please consult with us for the status, technical details and availability of our products and services. Links to other web pages cannot be permanently controlled, hence we assume no responsibility for the contents of linked pages.

Downloadingof Data and Software
Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH gives no warranty that Data and Software downloaded from the web pages are free of errors. The Software is checked by Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH for the presence of viruses, however we recommend that Data and Software should be checked for viruses after downloading with the latest virus detection software.

Intellectual property rights and other special protection rights
The contents of these web pages is protected by intellectual property rights. A copy of the information in the web pages may be stored on a single computer for non-commercial and internal private use. Graphics, texts, logos, pictures etc. may only be downloaded, reproduced, copied, changed, published, despatched, transferred or used in any other form with the written permission of Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH. The names of products and companies may be registered trade marks or brands. Unlawful use may lead to claims for damages and injunctions.

Personaldata protection and confidentiality
No guarantee can be made that information or personal data sent to us may not be intercepted in transmission.

Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH is not liable for damages, in particular direct or indirect consequential damages, loss of data, loss of earnings, system down-time or lost production arising from the use of these web pages or the downloading of data. This exclusion of liability is not valid in the case of damages arising from use of the web pages or downloading of data when intent or gross negligence is involved. The legal relationship between you and Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH which arises from the use of the web pages is governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. In legal disputes with merchants arising from the use of these web pages, the applicable venue for the company location of Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH is in Siegen.

Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH desires to encourage the confidence of users in the web and for that reason it discloses its treatment of personal data. Below you can see what information is collected and how it is handled.

Detailson Data protection
As a rule, you can open any of the Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH web pages without giving information about yourself. If in any specific case your name, address or other personal details are required, you are given prior warning. Your personal user details are employed to make the service you receive from Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH as friendly as possible, and to improve our service.
If you decide to send Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH personal details over the internet, e.g. in order to enter into correspondence with us or to place an order, these data are carefully handled in accordance with the strict rules of the Federal Data Protection Law (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes - BDSG). When you enter our web pages, Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH receives details of use which are stored for security purposes and may be used to permit identification (e.g. IP-address, date and time, and which pages you visit). These data are evaluated by Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH in order to learn about user behaviour and build up statistics. In all the processes involved, the high security standards of the Distance Services Data Protection Law (Teledienstedatenschutzgesetzes - TDDSG) and the Data Protection Ordinance for Telecommunications Companies (Datenschutzverordnung für Telekommunikationsunternehmen - TDSV) are observed. There is no commercial use of personal data. The statistical evaluation of anonymous records is reserved. For further information on the subject of data protection in Germany, go to:

Passing of personal data to third parties
If data are passed to a service provider in the framework of a contracted data study, such providers are bound by the BDSG, other legal directives and contractually by the Privacy Policy of Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH. If Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH is obliged by law or by a court decision, it will pass your personal data, insofar as is required, to legally appointed instances.
For other purposes, Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH will never pass your personal data to a third party without your express consent.

Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH stores your data on specially protected servers in Germany. Access is only possible for a few persons authorised by Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH who are involved in the technical, commercial or programming maintenance of these servers.

Right to withdrawal
If you request Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH not to use your personal data for future contacts and/or to erase them, we will comply. Data which are absolutely necessary for the execution of a contract or for commercial purposes will not be affected by such a request or erasure.
Please understand that if your information is withdrawn, we can no longer offer personalised service, since this is based on the use of customer details.

Insertion of Cookies
During an online session, textual information will be collected in cookies and inserted in a special file on the user's hard disk in ASCII-Format (cookie.txt). The user's web browser determines where on the user's hard disk the cookie is stored. Cookies are information which are sent back to the server next time you visit the web page. They can only ever be read by the server which has previously inserted them.
Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH only inserts cookies when they are absolutely necessary for user functions or to facilitate navigation in the web site. The information is not made available to any third party, since cookies can only be used for the above-named purposes.
Most browsers are set up so that they accept cookies automatically. However this function can be de-activated in the browser at any time. You can set up your browser so that it advises you whenever cookies are sent.

Links to other Web sites
In some cases Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH web pages contain links to other web sites. Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH has no influence on the contents of other web pages, nor on the compliance of their operators with data protection provisions.

As a rule, Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH web pages contain no advertising space. If this should not be the case, the delivery of the advertising is through external AdServers. Data created in connection with online advertising (AdImpressions, AdClicks) are exclusively used for statistical evaluation and the preparation of reports to advertisers. No personal data are used in these cases.
When advertising is opened, cookies may be inserted outside the control of Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH.