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Quality Control

Quality control for your safety...right from the start!

We source our primary material almost exclusively from reputable European steel mills, which are able to deliver the material with the relevant certification. The material is then checked by us. The documentation of the steel mill pertaining to the material is in our possession before the beginning of the actual production process.

We do not take any risks regarding quality; we have TÜV certification according to HP5/3 as well as AD datasheets W1, W2, and W9. We are licensed manufacturers of flanges and rings according to AD datasheet HP0/TRD201 and hold RWTÜW certification as proof of suitability for the welding of railed vehicle parts according to DIN 6700-2, register no. 04 702 6467.

All of our flanges, rings and stainless steel flanges can be installed in all devices requiring certification, including construction groups requiring RWTÜV certification. Requested and required certification and testing protocols are produced and are, of course, part of the service.

We are certified in accordance with DIN EN 9001:2015.
AD 2000 HP0
AD 2000 W0
Zertifikat 3834
EN 764-5 4.3 eng
VdTÜV 1165
VdTÜV 1253
Hot forming process
We do not have any problems with the typical cracks and "bad welding joints" associated with drop forging as all of our products are subjected to an extensive hot forming process.